“Discover the Secret Techniques to Bachata dancing. Learn to isolate your dance partner's body movements and gain the confidence to lead her into any pattern, even if you're dancing with her for the very first time! ”

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"...Master the exact system that dancers worldwide have learned by Professional Latin Dance Instructor, Jorge Elizondo.”

Welcome to Bachata Fusion! NO MORE BOUNDARIES!
Express your creative soul with Bachata Fusion, a style of dance that combines movements and turn patterns from traditional Bachata with some of the most exciting elements of Argentine Tango, Cha Cha and Salsa.

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Jorge Elizondo Interview on
Dance Planet Daily June 2013
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BachataFusion Jorge Elizondo Interview

Jorge Elizondo Interview on
www.Bachata.nl June 2013
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2015 Shanghai Bachata Festival


USA Bachata Kizomba Festival III
October 2-4, 2015 in New Jersey!

USA NJ Bachata Kizomba Festival 2015


Jorge Elizondo's
2015 Bachata Tour & Events
Workshop & City Information:


My Favorite Youtube Videos!
I hope you enjoy! Please note most of these video clips are of me dancing with my dance Partner for the very first time. :) With My Leading & Following Techniques which are shown in my dvds, you can learn to lead your partner into any move with ease!



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Bachata with No Boundaries!

Jorge Elizondo's Bachata Fusion opens your mind to have creative Freedom that allows you to EXPRESS yourself on the dance floor. No more boundaries. Express your creative soul with sexy and exciting fusion of Latin moves found in traditional Bachata, Tango, Cha Cha and Salsa dancing.

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Passion of Tango DVD Series
Learn to dance Argentine Tango

Passion of Tango DVD Series
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Jorge fuses Argentine Tango & Bachata with his
New Bachata Tango DVD Series

Bachata Tango Volume 1Bachata Tango Volume 2 DVD

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Ladies, No Partner No Problem Bachata Volume 1Ladies, No Partner No Problem Bachata Volume 2

New Ladies,No Partner No Problem
Bachata DVD Series - Learn to Dance Bachata
without a Partner! Dont wait, Learn to day!
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Salsa Ladies Styling DVD

Salsa Ladies Styling On1
Ladies,No Partner No Problem DVD Series
Volume 3
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Jorge Elizondo's Background

As a public school educator and classically trained musician, Jorge has developed a unique teaching style. He has fused his musical conducting and leadership skills into a very Successful, Proven method to teach others how to dance bachata. In his dvds and live workshops, Jorge's voice can instill an inner pulse and confidence into his students, helping to guide them through numerous unchoreographed routines. With General-like qualities He commands the best of his students and, in no time at all, can even achieve success with total beginners!

You are Guaranteed to learn with his very progressive, systematic teaching methods that allow you to transition easily from one concept to another.

Learn to have fun with Jorge's creative turn patterns, sensual body moments, dips and tricks that can be applied into your own Bachata style of dancing.

Learn to Dance Bachata DVD Series,
8 DVD Set by Jorge Elizondo

Learn to Dance Bachata DVD Series



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Volume 1- Leading & Following Techniques
Volume 2 - Intermediate Turn Patterns
Volume 3 - Advanced Turn Patterns
Volume 4 - Bachata Rueda
Volume 5 - Adding Sensuality
Volume 6 - Advance Turn Patterns
Volume 7 - Turns, Dips & Tricks
Volume 8 - Bachata Men & Women Styling

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