Jorge Elizondo Presents:
Learn to Dance
Bachata vol. 3
Advanced Level

Running Time: 1 hr. 13 min.
Language: English
Format: All-Regions

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Learn to Dance Bachata
Advanced Volume 3

In this advanced lesson, we get to the heart of the Bachata Fusion dance style and open your mind to more creative patterns. I show you how to fuse body movements and combinations from other Latin dances into your Bachata. This DVD covers 4 more footwork patterns and 13 new advanced combinations that build upon the moves you learned in Volumes 1 and 2. Be ready for a challenge as I push your creative side and teach you double turns, Cross Body leads, 360 turns, reverse turns, and several of my signature moves. With my unique leading techniques, you can lead any girl through these complicated social patterns.

Syllabus for Volume 3

Footwork Section
Cross Body Lead

Para un Lado
Double Turns
Reverse Double Turns
Footwork Practice Drill

Partner Work Section
El Mario
Ladies Reverse Turns
The Beverly
The Wave
Abrazela Complicado
The Blanca
The Tornado
Cross Body Lead
Men's Double Turns
Over the Shoulder Turns
Cuello Complicado
Abrazela Loca
All Combinations with Music


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Video Clip of Jorge & Chelsea Free Style

Special Note: This is the fri st time Jorge & Chelsea Dance Bachata

Jorge Elizondo's
Teaching Style

In no time you will see Jorge’s unique teaching style! Jorge a classically trained musician and educator has fused his Musical conducting and leadership skills into a very Successful Proven method to learn to dance bachata. His voice, can instill an inner pulse to his students and help guide them into numerous unchoreographed routines in his DVD's and live workshops. With General like qualities, He commands the best of his students and with no time at all he can achieve success with total beginners.
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Join the thousands of students who have learned from Jorge Elizondo’s World Bachata Boot Camp Tour. Jorge’s swift and very detailed teaching methods have helped dancers develop a smooth, sexy & creative Bachata style.

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Jorge Teaching Bachata

Learn from the Best and Improve your dance style in the privacy of your own home. You are Guarantee to learn with his very progressive systematic teach methods that allow you to easily transition into the next concept with great easy or we will return Your Money Back NO Questions Asked!



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