Ladies, No Partner No Problem Bachata Volume 1

Jorge Elizondo Presents:
Ladies, No Partner
No Problem
Bachata vol. 1

Featuring Camille Yannantuono

Running Time: 1 hr. 05 min.
Language: English
Format: All-Regions

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"Discover The Secrets
To Quickly And Easily Mastering
Bachata, L.A. Style and N.Y. Style
Salsa without a Dance Partner!! "


Jorge Elizondo

A message from Jorge Elizondo

Dear Ladies,

Are you tired of wishing guys would ask you to dance? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a line of guys waiting to dance with you? 

Well, now you can learn what it takes to get guys to ask you to dance again and again.  

So what does it take?
Continue reading to find out!

No Partner NO Problem bachata

Jorge & Camille Introduce DVD


Ladies, No Partner
No Problem Bachata vol.1

No Partner No Problem Bachata Volume 1

Acclaimed Latin Dance instructors, Jorge Elizondo & Camille Yannantuono, proudly present the rand new and exciting installment to " Ladies, No Partner, No Problem" DVD Series.

Jorge has taken his unique and highly successful approach to learning Salsa and applied it to Bachata. Bachata is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity now and all the guys want to do it. But how good are you? How good are your basics, your understanding of proper styling techniques and your knowledge of advanced pattern structures? Have you been limit from moving ahead as a bachatera because you don’t have a regular partner?

Ladies, if you ever wanted to become a world class bachatera, this instructional DVD is for you. In “Ladies, No Partner—No Problem Bachata” Camille Yannantuono from Positive Energy Dance Company in San Diego, CA., will take you by the hand and step by step helpl you master not only the basics of bachata but also the sexy styling that takes it from being simple movement to an artistic expression of your passionate inner soul.

With this DVD, you’ll learn and master all the footwork, basic patterns, connection techniques and styling to be able to make a great impression to any bachatero ‘in the house’. You’ll never again worry, ‘Will he ask me to dance again?’ because you’ll see it in his eyes when he’s finished dancing with you the first time. You’ve ‘got it’ and he’ll know it.

Ladies, this DVD is made especially for you. Camille Yannantuono, is co-owner and choreographer of Positive Energy Dance Studio in beautiful San Diego, CA. Positive Engergy specializes not only in teaching social dancing but also in professional level dance entertainment productions for large social and corporate events.
For that reason Camille knows what the guys like and she also knows what makes the crowd stand up and cheer. And she knows how to teach all this to you from a ladies’ perspective.

Camille will prepare you to take control of any social dance situation you find yourself in that involves bachata dancing. Take this DVD, play it, study it, learn from it and not only you but also your friends and dance partners will notice a whole new bachatera personality emerging. Don’t be surprised if people start to ask you, ‘Are you a teacher?’
In “Ladies...No Partner—No Problem, Bachata Volume 1”

You’ll learn:
· Bachata Basics: Foot movement, hip movement and timing.
· Isolation Movements: Those sexy body movements of hands, hips, shoulders and torso where each part seems independent and the eyes don’t know where to follow!
· How to do your bachata basics in different directions rather in the simple back and forth or side to side that everybody else always does.

This basic principle alone will make you look like a professional and multiply your mastery of dance floor space. Learn to maintain balance and poise in your turns and more complicated turn patterns. You’ll ‘keep your cool’ no matter what kind of pattern your partner has you doing! Learn to master the sensuality scale with this ‘inner beauty’ secret that Camille will teach you.

Ladies, you no longer need to worry about not having a partner to learn to dance bachata like a real bachatera. Everything you need to set loose your ‘inner bachatera’ is in this DVD. Buy it and use it to get your share of the fun of dancing real bachata. Take the first step now with “Ladies…No Partner—No Problem, Bachata Volume 1”.

No Partner No Partner Bachata Vol. 1 Syllabus

Footwork Patterns

1. Bachata Basic
2. E-A-E Drill
3. Cross Step
4. Fwd/Back Basic
5. Pop Corn
6. Marking It
7. Shake It
8. Bachata Turns

Partner Work

1. Bachata Basic
2. Connection Drill
3. Cross Step
4. Fwd/Back Basic
5. Pop Corn
6. Marking It
7. Shake It
8. Bachata Turns




Bachata Camille Yannantuono

Camille Yannantuono

Camille Yannantuono started training in gymnastic when she was 9 years old, competing for the Girls Club in Santa Barbara Ca. It wasn't until her last year in high school when she joined a Lindy Hop team, called the Swing Kids. After graduating high school she spent 1 year as a college cheerleader and than headed out to join the Marine Corps, it wasn't until her last year in the Marines in 2001 that Camille was introduced to Salsa. Her first night out dancing at the La Jolla Marriot in San Diego, Camille meet her partner Michael Saltus, the very next day they decided to start practicing. After 3 months they entered their first amateur competition and won 1st place. Camille and Michael premiered in the show "Soul Train", dancing Salsa to hip hop. After 4 years of dancing together, they started their team "Positive Energy" in Jan of 2005. They decided to make it a dance company to allow for their love of fusion dancing- Currently they have a Salsa/Argentine Tango, Salsa/Waltz and currently they are working on a Salsa/West Coast swing routine.  Camille met Ross Todorovic in Buenos Aires, Argentina when she was training in Argentine Tango and currently trains and performs with El Studio Tango and is loving the new adventure.

Jorge Elizondo Bachata Boot Camp DVD

Jorge Elizondo

Jorge Elizondo was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, where the sounds of Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States meet. In this unique environment, Jorge trained in music theory and Latin dance and developed "Bachata Fusion," a style of dance that combines turn patterns and body movements from traditional Bachata, Tango, Cha Cha, and Salsa with many original moves. The end result is an expressive, active style of dance that removes all barriers and allows dancers to be more creative.

Formerly a public school teacher, Jorge's passion for teaching equals his passion for dancing. His Bachata BootCamp tour has taken him to 190 cities throughout North America and Europe, where he has taught tens of thousands of students.

Throughout all his journeys, he has continued to develop new concepts to share with the world. He has produced 25 instructional DVD's ranging from beginning bachata to salsa, and his work has been sold in over 40 countries. His strong leading abilities and worldwide exposure also earned him a place in the "World's Best Leads" DVD created by the world-renowned Edie the Salsa Freak.

Jorge's mission is to spread the love of bachata all over the world and encourage people to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Jorge Elizondo's World Tour Pictures


In no time you will see Jorge’s unique teaching style! Jorge a classically trained musician and educator has fused his Musical conducting and leadership skills into a very Successful Proven method to learn to dance Salsa & Bachata. His voice, can instill an inner pulse to his students and help guide them into numerous unchoreographed routines in his DVD's and live workshops. With General like qualities, He commands the best of his students and with no time at all he can achieve success with total beginners.
So Don't Wait!!!!
Join the thousands of students who have learned from Jorge & Edie's World Boot Camp Tours. Jorge’s swift and very detailed teaching methods have helped dancers develop a smooth, sexy & creative Salsa & Bachata style.

Listen to what students have to say about Jorge teaching methods!

Reviews and Testimonials

Learn from the Best and Improve your dance style in the privacy of your own home. You are Guarantee to learn with his very progressive systematic teach methods that allow you to easily transition into the next concept with great easy or we will return Your Money Back NO Questions Asked!



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No Partner No Problem


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